Message from a Spirit Animal




Are you seeking guidance and insights from the spiritual realm? Look no further, for the Animal Spirit Tarot Package offers you a profound connection to the Animal Spirit Realm. Through the art of tarot, we unlock the secrets of the universe to reveal messages specifically crafted for you.

What’s Included:

1. Tarot Readings

In this enlightening package, you will receive three powerful tarot readings:

a) What do you need to know?
Uncover the hidden truths and wisdom that lie beneath the surface. This reading will shed light on the current circumstances in your life and provide you with valuable insights to navigate the challenges and make informed decisions.

b) What do you need to let go of?
Release the burdens that hold you back and prevent your growth. This reading will help you identify the aspects of your life that no longer serve you, allowing you to embrace positive change and invite new opportunities.

c) Potential Opportunities
Open the door to a world of possibilities. This reading will reveal the potential opportunities and blessings that await you on your journey. Embrace the divine guidance and step into a brighter future.

2. Message from a Spirit Animal

During the tarot reading, a Spirit Animal will come forward with a special message exclusively for you. Feel the presence of the divine as you connect with the animal’s energies and receive their personal words of guidance and encouragement.

3. Handcrafted Spirit Animal Image

To honor the Spirit Animal that has come forward for you, we will create a beautiful wood-burned image of its likeness. This stunning artwork will serve as a tangible reminder of their message, bringing their energy and strength into your sacred space.

4. Intuitively Chosen Crystal

Enhance your spiritual journey with a unique and intuitively chosen crystal. Sourced from the mystical lands of northern Ontario, this crystal holds powerful energies that align with your personal needs and aspirations.

How it Works:

Select the “Animal Spirit Tarot Package” from our website and our experienced tarot reader will perform your three readings and connect with the energies of the gods. We will then handcraft the wood burned image of the Spirit Animal that came forward for you, capturing their essence in a beautiful piece of art.

Each package includes a carefully selected crystal that resonates with your unique vibrations.

Your personalized package will be lovingly packaged and shipped to your doorstep.

Embrace the Divine and Empower Your Journey

We are passionate about helping you discover your inner strength, embrace your intuition, and find the guidance you seek. Let the gods illuminate your path, empower your soul, and infuse your life with positive energy. Whether you’re facing uncertainties, seeking new opportunities, or simply looking to deepen your spiritual connection, our message from a God Tarot Reading Package is here to support you.

Unlock the secrets of the universe and let the divine wisdom guide you towards a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy. Embrace the power of the gods and bring their energies into your home, as you hold their messages close to your heart.

Order your Message from a Spirit Animal today and embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

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